Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Customisation, Samples and Delivery and Pricing

This post answers most questions on our customisation service, how to get a sample, and our delivery service.

Customisation for Porcelain
What can be customised?
Colours and patterns are generally customisable. For smooth and white surfaces, it is even possible to have decals with photos, logos and words.
We have standard colours for products, and sometimes this can't be changed. For example, souvenir plates and mugs are almost always white or ivory, and even if we cover the whole face with another colour the back or inside will always be white. However, trinket boxes can always be customised, and the colour combinations are endless!

For 500 units and above, there is no charge for customisation. Don't despair -we can still customise for smaller orders, but there will be a charge, depending on the quantity.

Minimum Quantity and Pricing
We don't impose a minimum purchase quantity - but prices do vary. The rule of thumb is, the more you buy, the lower the cost per unit.
How do you save? Our prices are based on your quantity of purchase. For example, say that your order is for 700 units. Your first 500 units will be priced at RM10.00 per unit. The next 200 will be at RM8.00. This means, your order will cost (500 unit x RM10) + (200 units x RM8) = RM6,600.00 - which means that your per-unit cost is RM9.43.

The backstamp is like a label for ceramic-based products - have a look at the back of your dinner dishes and you'll see what we mean. Our backstamp carries our logo, and that's about it. You can add stuff to it - your event date, the occasion, a quotable quote, or a thank-you message. If you'd like a customised backstamp, ask us to include it in the quote.

When purchased in bulk, our products come in a standard carton box designed to prevent breakage. If you want, we can package the favours for you, complete with accompaniments (candy or potpourri, or scented candles), so that when it arrives all you have to do is give them out - no muss, no fuss.
Our standard box is a clear plastic folded cube box - you can add gift tags. Or, if you want, commission a completely different box. Again, don't hesitate to ask about this.

What's in the box?
If you're giving out trinket boxes, it may be a good idea to include something in it. We're open to your requests - we can do candles, candy, and potpourri, but if you have a nonstandard idea, go ahead and tell us.

Our shops
We have shops in Shah Alam, Cheras and Putrajaya. Our samples are available for viewing at these locations - and we have tons of other great products. Visit us!

I can't make it to your place
Don't worry. We can send a sample via courier or work something out - give us a call.

Pick up your purchase at our shops in Shah Alam, Cheras or Putrajaya.

We do deliver to specific addresses - but a charge applies. Again, this depends on your location - delivery quotes are upon enquiry.

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